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Stain Removers

Perky® PLUS All Purpose Stain Remover

- Great on Oil and Water Based Stains

- Green Balance Approved

- Great for Carpet and Clothing


Perky® PLUS (2 pack) All Purpose Stain Remover

- Regular $32.54 Now $24.40

- Save $8.14 off msrp with the 2 Pack

- Great Laundry Stain Pre-Treatment


Perky® PLUS (gallon)

- Save over 70% buying the Perky Plus Gallon

- Green Balance Approved

- Great for Carpet and Fabrics


Pet Spotter Stain & Odor Remover

- Perfect for ALL types of Pet Stains

- Safe for Pets & Children

- Works on Household Stains Too


Pet Spotter (2 pack) Stain and Odor Remover

- Regular $31.90 Now $22.80 for 2 Bottles

- That's a Savings of $9.10

- Remove Urine and Poo Stains Instantly!


Whiz Groom Hand Held Brush

- Fits in Your Pocket or the Glove Box

- Perfect for Pet Hair on Carpet & Furniture

- Helps Scrub Deep Stains in Carpet


Perky®  Spotter Stain Remover

- Great for Water Based Stains

- Green Balance Approved

- Perfect for Blood & Chocolate Stains


Perky®  Spotter (2 pack) Stain Remover

- Save Over 25% Buying the 2 Pack

- Save $8.69 Off Regular Price

- Perfect for Blood & Chocolate Stains


Perky®  Spotter (gallon)

- Save over 50% compared to 1 quart

- Green Balance Approved

- Perfect for Blood & Chocolate Stains


Ink Lifter (2 Pack) for leather

- Small and Compact

- Perfect for Leather

- One For the House & Car


Groom Industries speciality is stain removers for carpets, fabrics, upholstery and more! We produce carpet cleaning supplies for professional carpet cleaners all over the world! With over 35 years of experience, Groom Industries knows how to make stain removers that work! Our products can tackle ALL types of stain removal caused by ink, red wine, chocolate, permanent marker, pet stains, and so much more. Grocery brands don't have the strength and professional endorsement these stain removers have. Side by side comparisons have shown time and time again that Groom stain removers ALWAYS outperform the grocery brands. We test all of our stain removers in house through rigorous testing models to ensure you will get results! Stain removal is a science and cheap brands only make things worse. Stain removers must have a perfect balance of surfactants, oxydizers, deodorizers and dwell time to perform properly. Groom Industries is #1 for a reason, because of taking time to develop great products that work! Enough chatter, try a bottle today, you won't be disappointed.

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