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Groom Industries has been providing the highest quality cleaning products and supplies for over 30 years! We have the experience and work directly with commercial cleaners throughout the world developing the best cleaning products available. Now these amazing professional products are available to the public. Don't be fooled by cheap grocery brands that not only under-perform but are also dangerous and un-tested, trust in Groom Industries. We work hard developing the best cleaning supplies that will give proven results and not mask or disappoint. . Groom Industries was made famous with the Grandi Groom carpet rake over 30 years ago and this same high-quality carpet rake is still used by thousands of professionals today. The Grandi Groom carpet grooming device lead to other great cleaning products such as the Perky Spotter stain remover line and the HomePro by design household cleaning supplies. Groom knows cleaning and how to make a hard cleaning job that much easier. Professionally tested and approved with emphasis on results and safety. These cleaning products will outperform everything you have under the sink. Products for carpet stain removal, carpet raking, bathroom cleaning, glass cleaning, leather cleaner and protector, mold removal, hand sanitizing, and hundreds of microfiber towels, buckets, spray bottles and more! Groom is your one stop shop for all your cleaning supply needs. Have a stubborn stain and not sure what to do?... check out our stain removal chart to use the right product the first time. Need more info??... Check out some of the info below that covers your specific cleaning need...

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